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 EPF Christmas Mission [ Read! ]

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PostSubject: EPF Christmas Mission [ Read! ]   Sun Dec 28, 2008 11:03 am

Well , Its 3 days over X-mas and I discovered that my DS time was and Date was Christmas 2008. Well, first if you have a DS AND EPF Set ur date to the 25th of December.
Then Log into EPF And you will see its all decorated! Well go to the town and click on Santa. He will ask you to deliver presents: here is a guide:

The present thats shaped like as snowboard is for the snowboarder at the Ski Lodge [ didn't see that comin huh? Rolling Eyes ]

Then give it to him

The present in the box is for the agent at the snow forts : it is a tv [ big suprise ]

The present thats shaped like a guitar is for the lime green penguin at the beach.

Finally the present shaped like a pogo stick is for the [ red ] penguin at the dock.

Go back to santa and he will give you some coins!

Did this guide help you? [ poll at top ]

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EPF Christmas Mission [ Read! ]
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